Essay About My Waking Hours

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What surprised me most about my waking hours was that I have been doing my homework before eating breakfast. Most times when I get up I take the time out to cook myself breakfast so that I won’t be hungry while doing my homework. I am also surprised that I learned how to manage what times I would have my homework breaks. On Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, I only have one class which starts at 8:30 then after getting out of class I would get to have the whole day to myself. I would finish up any homework assignments that’s going to be due the next day. I manage to do my homework until lunch time at 11:00. Once I am finished eating lunch I finish up some more work. Once 4:00 hits I manage to squeeze in time in my schedule to go to the gym and exercise with my sister. Once we are done at 5:30 I head back to my dorm to take a quick shower and start to get ready to do more work. Once it is 11:00 I head to my room to go to sleep and start my day all over again the next day. What surprised me least about my waking hours is me constantly having to do some type of homework assignment for my class. I have not had one whole day to myself without doing work this freshmen semester. I am least surprised because I knew this was how college was going to be due to attending the scholar’s academy program before school had started. I am spending most of my waking hours…show more content…
History 2020 requires the most studying time because we will be quizzed over all the packets after we have just read it. Also, my teacher grades hard so If I were to miss one question on the test it would be taken off 7 points of my grade. All my classes do not have the same time management strategies, because they all have different assignments due on certain days. I also have a different studying time for each class so that I will have time to do each assignment one by
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