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I wouldn’t trade my friends for the world. Just kidding, I totally would. The world is such an amazing place and there are so many wondrous things in it, including new friends. I mean, how selfish of them for denying me the trade in the first place. While I’m not sure which of my friends would be okay with me trading them for the world, I do know one of my friends who would weigh the pros and cons in his head and be completely okay with it. That friend is at the top of my friend list. Let me start by answering the question I’m sure is on your mind. Why yes, I do order my friends by which I like most. Most find this practice to be somewhat cynical, and they are correct, it is completely cynical. I order my best friends, so that when I have an event to which I can bring a plus one, I can start at the top and make my way down the list, if the first can’t go, no big deal, move on to the second, and etcetera. At the top of the list we have Caleb. This is…show more content…
We also created comics. These comics were simple, with two main characters named Philip and Caleb. We thought it would be fun to switch our personalities, so while the Caleb character is crazy, Philip is more calm and mellow. I drew templates in “Paint” on my computer so we were easily able to create as many as we could come up with. The creation process usually entailed me writing, creating, and posting, and then Caleb removing and editing my horrible grammar. The system could have been better, but we literally had nothing better to do. Although we have since stopped posting comics to our “Philip and Caleb Comics” Facebook page, we still have 93 followers. Mine and Caleb’s friendship did not end there. We both joined the basketball team at our high school. We both sat the bench, and even though we only ever played the last 30 seconds of the games, we had fun talking about what interested us. We mostly discussed video games, movies, and

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