Essay About My First Love

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I stumbled across my first love at a very young, hazy age. Both, the crisp smell of the virgin pages, and the aged, fragile, wrinkled paper of my mother's favorite bedtime story, held a tale I had never lived, a journey I could experience through my subconscious that allowed me to feel emotions that I would not be privileged enough to live at such a young age. Book after book, tale after tale, I found myself falling in love. I allowed myself to be consumed into the worlds I read about; the letters on the pages acted as a portal from my mundane world to anywhere of my choosing. I lived ten lives before mine had hardly begun, and from this new-found love, I would gain many more.
Kindergarten mornings always started the same way for me: crying, screaming, and latching onto my mother's leg for protection from the terrible day to come. But this one special sunny
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If you couldn't tell, school wasn't my favorite thing. Simply because school forced me to leave my family. What child would want to be separated from their family?! I never wanted to leave them; I was terrified. With this fear engraved into my mind, almost every morning my mom picked me up and took my squirming, tiny self to the car. Even though I was resisting with all of my might, I was never victorious. The next thing I knew I was heading to school. When we arrived, I demanded my mother walk me to my classroom. Reflecting back on my actions, I now know that this must have been extremely irritating for her to have to repeat every day. Upon entering my class, my mom immediately shuffled across the noisy room and started to engage my teacher. When she made her way back over to me, she bent
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