Essay About My English Class

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The morning of August 25, I woke up with a feeling of dread. It was official, I was a college student and I had to attend my first serious English class. Despite the fact that I always did somewhat decent in my English classes in high school, I always loathed attending them. I always managed to come up with some type of excuse and skip it as much as possible. But now, skipping a class would be like throwing away my money. I never really focused on any subjects, school was never an area that I excelled in. Although I took many more classes that I strongly disliked, I felt as if English was especially useless. I spoke it on a daily basis, I can read and write it fluently, it was a skill that we just had. There was no point in me having to take it, in my opinion, I used to always…show more content…
Initially, I learned that I should never be okay with mediocre or just slightly above average, I should always strive to do better. It may not seem as important, but it was really eye opening to me. Another significant lesson I learned was how to properly give credit where it’s due, in other words how to correctly include cite my sources and how to include them in my essays. Lastly, one of the most important lessons I have learned in my opinion, is to play with my word choices. This is a great way to help me sound more interesting and sophisticated. Choosing the right word can make your paper go from dull and simple, to more serious and intriguing. It’s important because it helps set the tone of my papers and will assure someone to take me seriously. Lastly, I believe that my “Banning Alcohol” project strongly proves my argument. When you lack words, it shuts down new insights and people will more likely tend to ignore you or not really care about what you have to say. My project, shows just how much a strong vocabulary is needed in order to really prove your
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