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Michelangelo is regarded as the most influential genius of the Renaissance. His works are viewed as some of the greatest achievements of human history. His accomplishments in life have left behind a lasting legacy which altered the way humanity saw and recognized art. In order to better understand Michelangelo a person must examine his life, genius, and impact.
The life of Michelangelo is one of the most important parts of history. Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in Caprese, Italy in a time known as the Italian Renaissance (Bradbury 6). Michelangelo was born into a house with strong, ambitious values (Michelangelo Buonarroti Biography). From an early age he showed outstanding potential in the arts and soon became entranced with them. Michelangelo’s father was critical of his son’s choice of career as he saw art as a petty, unimportant occupation. Nevertheless his father had him apprenticed to one of the best artists in Florence. Influencing and characterizing Michelangelo, Florence was this artist’s starting point. Throughout his life he would remain loyal to this city, a haven that gave him hope. By the time he was sixteen Michelangelo had created his first works (16,7). Before long everyone in Florence would know him as one of the city’s best. Eventually the artist’s name would spread even further and soon the whole European world was immersed with Michelangelo and his art. Pope Julius II who was the reigning pope at the time was enamoured with Michelangelo and summoned him to Rome. The time Michelangelo spent in Rome was crucial in his development as an artist (8). In 1498 the “Pieta” was sculpted (Abridged Encyclopedia of World Biography). Being the first of its kind this statue was more realistic and defin...

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... the Renaissance including Raphael (Bonner). Michelangelo believed even the ugliest things had potential for beauty this is an inspiring testament to those of us who feel rejected or useless (2806). Michelangelo brought hope to his day by advancing humanity and contributing to its list of achievements. The Renaissance was a time of rebirth of culture and intelligence made possible by Michelangelo and men like him who sacrificed themselves for the betterment of humanity.
Michelangelo’s life was filled with joy, pain, and accomplishments. The accomplishments he made are some of the most coveted in history. No other artist has been as admired and documented as he has. Redefining beauty, art, culture, and even philosophy Michelangelo was more than just an artist he was a visionary, a member of the human race who was committed to its advancement and prosperity.
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