Essay About Mexican Culture

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Introduction In this paper I am writing about my enriching Mexican culture. I have practice two cultures but I mostly relate to my Mexican culture. Mexican culture is filled with art, music, and religion. This cultural has been around for decades and they have been through so much but yet they have keep some of the same valves since the Aztec times. Mexican belief on health has a great impact from religion and what can be found naturally by earth. Mexican During The Early Years Mexican culture is a vibrant elaborate full of art, music, food, and sports. The Mexican culture has been around since 300 B.C during these times when they believed in many gods. There was a prophecy that said that Huitzilopochtli would show them where they are going to inhabit. Once they inhabited they lived in peace with no wars until the Spaniard Cortes.When Spain came into power they made a lot of the indigenous tribes disappear until 1808 until they were taken over by the French. in 1821 they won their independence and decided they wanted a constitution for the New Mexico they have won from the french. In 1823 the Mexican – American war had started and lasted about 13 years and by 1855…show more content…
They believe that as long as you are faithful to him and you believe in him he will help you through everything they are going through. If he does not help you than at least you were faithful to the end and he will receive you with open arms. They believe that god has blessed them and this land that when we eat, drink, and breathe we are taking in his blessing. They believe that when somebody is sick they will sit around and pray constantly with the rosary. These prayers last from an hour to 3 hours depending on how much hope and prayers they want god to hear. When my great grandmother was in the hospital the last day she was living we spent all day in the hospital praying to make her feel comforted and so she wouldn’t fear
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