Essay About Lung Cancer

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In the world there are many diseases deadly or non- deadly also, preventable or un- preventable. This particular subject about Lung cancer is highly deadly and preventable. It causes many deaths a year and millions of people are affected. Lung cancer has been a chronic disease that has affected families and individuals who have endured in the painful time. Even if fatal when diagnosed; it can be preventable by many methods. Lung cancer is a cancer that begins in the lungs that can spread rapidly in the body if not treated in the early stages. According to website Cancer, there are three types of lung cancers Non-Small Cell, Small Cell, and Lung Carcinoid Tumor. Non- Small cell lung cancer is the most common of 85% of lung cancer individuals have this. Small Cell lung cancers 10-15% of individuals have this type and is the fastest spreading. Lung Carcinoid Tumor is rare with 5% diagnosed and is the slowest and rarely spread. Lung cancer can affect everyone there is not any specific gender, race, or age this disease cannot affect. Millions of people who have and encountered this disease in their life; even if the disease that is not specific to anyone group there…show more content…
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