Essay About Love In Much Ado About Nothing

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Marriage and love are two important components that contribute to the plot of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”. In Scene 1 Act 1, Claudio happily intends on proposing to Hero who later accepts in return. As the story progresses, scheming is involved to marry Beatrice and Benedick and to end the flourishing relationship of Claudio and Hero. Shakespeare portrays young love and old love through the relationships of Claudio and Benedick. Beatrice, niece of Leonato and cousin of Hero, is one of the most sarcastic and bitter characters in all of “Much Ado About Nothing”. She is a confident woman who always speaks her mind. Beatrice does not fit the role of a traditional woman of that period in time. Her bitterness is displayed by her interactions with Benedick and as the play goes on it is learned that he has hurt her. Every encounter with him is now met with anger and disdain to hide her true feelings for him. Yet, when she over hears Hero and Ursula talking about how distressed Benedick is over her hatred for him, she is willing to love him openly: “And Benedick, l...
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