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Life in the internment camp
Dear Miss Breed,
I am very scared I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, this morning at 5 the American guards asked my parents to evacuate the house in less than 48 hours and take our possessions. I still remember my mom saying, “Xian and Zyanku get all your belongings now! Because you know that your possessions that we leave behind will be stolen or sold by the Us guards .On the 8 December 1941 all Japanese descendants were put in a train carriage, there were 20 people in each of the carriages, the food we got was green stew and beans lots of the people in our carriage died of malnutrition, the only toilet that we could use was a bucket in the middle of the carriage. Many people died just being transported from our homes to the internments camps. After 6 long days of travelling my parents were put in a different que to us and then my brother knew that we would never see them again….……When my brother and I saw the huge barbed wire fences and armed guards we knew that we would never be able to escape. Mr Heckter was our guard he was very scary and didn’t talk much he led 10 of the children including us to dorm 51, the dorm was made out of mud our beds were made out of wood with dog blankets and a bucket for our toilet. In the morning at 5 I heard noises coming from outside and thats when I saw my mom and dad being beaten up, blindfolded and put in sliding dorms because the tried to escape, that’s when I knew it was all over because sliding dorms were where cattle were kept before they were slaughtered. I didn’t tell my brother about what I saw. At 7 Mr Hecker told us to all get up and get into our work clothes our work clothes were bright orange. The move was confusing, frustrating and confusing. All...

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...s in a foster care unit but no one wanted us everyone was prejudice and thought we were spies. I thought to myself, “The president freed us and expects us to recover and rebuild our lives but how can we rebuild our lives if we don’t even have our parents, we are too young to fend ourselves? To top it all off America are now very racist to Japanese people they now call us Japs so what’s next Ms Breed is my brother and I going to get adopted or are all Japanese people going to lose all their possessions, friends, businesses, houses and ways of life? Also do you think that America will become a country with no Japanese people because they can’t rebuild all their lives or are being banned from America because of all this prejudice????? Once you’ve read this letter Ms Breed hopefully Zyanku and I are adopted and have a better life than we had.
You’re sincerely
Xian x
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