Essay About Intimate Relationships

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Intimate relationships progress there persist day-to-day obstacles stand in the way. I know first hand how tough a personal relationship can be. I have been in a serious committed relationship for 4 years. As our relationship advanced I was able to view firsthand the numerous of challenges that we faced. I have also observed many c challenges people face being in intimate relationships as well. Relationships exist everywhere and people face many of the same objections. A common challenge that I have experienced in passed relationships is honesty and openness. I think that honesty and openness is the foundation of relationships because if you can’t be real with the person you believe to a companion than is the relationship actually true.…show more content…
I have experienced this as well. In a relationship it’s hard to agree upon how time together and apart should be divided up. I personally like to spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend but he doesn’t like that. We struggled with that for a while we would spend everyday together during the summer times and realized that we would need to productively persuade ourselves to do something apart. I knew that while we spent time together we did grow closer to each other but often times we did argue about small things. This was due us being together all the time. I think overtime it worsened because it got to the point where I only wanted him to spend time with me and I only wanted to spend time with him. I didn’t want him hanging out with his friends and I wasn’t even interested in hanging out with my friends at all. In a healthy relationship it is key to have a balance between time spent together and apart. A way to cope with this relationship issue is to first asses the time that should be spent together and the time spent apart. Time balance can be dealt with by trying to set up time frames were in the relationship you all do things apart. Also they can plan a date night so that they have one day that they take the time out to spend with each other. I think another way of dealing with this is both people in the relationship must commit and be
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