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Freshmens in college are faced with the challenge of adjusting to a new environment all by themselves. Imagine having to take six classes, maybe you decided to join a team or club, all on your own and have to make sure to remember and take care of all your personal stuff, not too fun right? “Most of freshmen students in college are not prepared, even if they attended the most fancy high schools” said Lisa Jackson, the Founder of College for Social Innovation. Recent studies confirm this, estimating that only about 30 percent of black and latino BPS students graduate college. I believe that one way to prepare students for the challenges of college is to encourage them to take on internships; but would be even better if we are able to implement it on schools. I would have liked to have internships during high school because it would had given to me more motivation in school being that I am actually practicing what I, as a student, am learning. As well an internship would help me build a strong resume what it is really important in order to get into college. Before they start college, students should develop skills as time management, how to take notes, communication in order to know how to ask questions or answer correctly a question, etc. These are some issues in freshmen college students that we have to improve by…show more content…
They incorporate work study programs to their students. Four students share a job, Monday through Friday, but they rotate their schedules in order to not miss class. Students work five full day in a month. Students work standards businesses hours, usually goes from 8:00am to 4:00pm or 9:00am to 5:00pm from September through mid June. Each students earn 60% of their education cost. The Corporate Study Work Program is separately incorporated, functioning like a temporary employment agency within Cristo Rey High

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