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The internship program that I had was a great experience to me. The internship is important for any student to improve his skills in his career. My internship program was a fantastic experience because I worked and visited many agencies and I learned impressive things about their ways to work. There are many things I would like to take them with me to Saudi Arabia and apply them there.
In March 2015, I started my internship with New Haven Police Department. The police system in the United States is different from Saudi Arabia. The police system in Saudi Arabia is national system which means the police working under one system in inter country. The laws of both countries control the police work so, the work of the police is different between the United States and Saudi Arabia. I saw many great things in New Haven Police Department and I would like to apply these things in Saudi Arabia. The security of the department, the community policing, and CompStat program are interesting points for me.
One of the most important things is the security procedures in the department. The security is high in the building and this important to protect the officers inside building. The front disk, elevators, the garage doors, and other doors are very secure. In Saudi Arabia, the police
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There is a mall inside the building and this is one of the most interesting things in this visit. I think this good idea to make the employees feel comfortable in their work environment. Also, I knew new things about the Armed forces such as the heads of departments are civilian employees and they called “Secretaries”. For example, the Secretary of the Air Force is Deborah Lee James. In Saudi Arabia, the only civilian head in the Department of Defiance is the Minister of Defense. I think because the United States has big and strong armed forces, they need many civilian employees defer than Saudi
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