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Internet Addiction
Although Internet beneficial a lot to human like convenience, improving the efficiency and saving time, these advantages also cause us to be bad. Internet addicted is not uncommon, especially in the youngster. Emily T, Ernest K. (2013) show the research that 26.7% of the students are met the criterion of Internet addiction. From the Center for Digital Technology Sustainability information the Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) criteria are defined as tolerance, persistent desire, continued excessive use, loss of interest and uses the internet to escape.
The effect of Internet addiction
To the society
Why it occurs?
The reasons of causing Internet addiction is the internet can provide special feel. It just like drugs provides the “high” feeling and addicts become dependent on this cyberspace high to feel abnormal. It let the Internet users’ loss self- control and addicted to Internet. Also from the survey of Better Health Channel shows that most of the men addict to Internet because of spending too much time to view pornographic and for the women they are attracted by the chat rooms.
How to deal with
First you can keep a log of how much you use the Internet for non-work or non-essential activities. Then determine to reallocate the time to do other activities like read book to distract you.
Second, set goals for when you can use the Internet. For instance, you can create your own schedule to limit the times of using Internet per day.
Third, you can explore your new healthy activities for example, socialize with friends, doing exercise or attending some learning courses to replace the time spends on Internet.

According to the Internet World Stats (2014) statistic that there are more than 5 million peop...

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... other organizations would provide information technology courses for the elderly. For instance, from the Government e-services (n.d.) shows the Caritas District Elderly Centre which establish the information technology courses like The Chinese input method, introduction to computing, further computing skills and surfing the Internet. Those courses are very penny that around $40 to $60.
To concern some of the elderly who do not willing to learn from the outside courses, the children are also a good teacher. From the data of Census and Statistics Department (2013) the age group of 10 to 14 nearly 100% are having the knowledge of using computer. (See appendix 4) What is more, the Nobilis (n.d.) claimed let children teach their grandparents can undoubtedly enhance their relationship and interaction. For the children it can also benefit them to improve their patience.
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