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What is human trafficking? Human trafficking is when someone under eighteen is asked to perform a commercial sex act or when a minor or adult is forced to do labor or when an adult is forced to perform a sex act(Other Industries). Generally, it is thought of as one person selling another. There are two main forms of human trafficking, sex acts and labor. Do North Carolina citizens need to be concerned about human trafficking or should they leave it to the FBI? When the person is forced into doing a sex act, forced to doing work, by force, fraud, or coercion when it becomes trafficking. Force is physical, fraud is lies or withholding wages, coercion is threats, and manipulation some human traffickers have more than one person as their victim; they may even have them live in camps all together. While you should be able to have people to do stuff for you or be able to spank your child, there is a point of pushing it beyond what is moral or legal and it becomes human trafficking. Being abused in anyway whether it be sexual abuse or physical hitting abuse is horrible and there is too much of it in today's society. Dependable people would try to help stop these horrible people abusing children. The sexual branch of human trafficking is probably the worst. Often, it is when children under the age of 18 get sold to do sexual things with their new owner. Imagine your parents selling you one day to some man or woman you don't even know, and they take you are rape you. You are left wondering what you even did to deserve it. Some would argue, the point of view that parents can do what they want with their children, but these are innocent children that are mostly 13-14 years of age getting rape... ... middle of paper ... ... Violence). Most importantly, God commands us to love our neighbor Matthew 22:36-40. Don't waste another moment! Help stop human trafficking today. Stop the horrific sexual human trafficking of the under age girls, the adults having to do labor work in the field or in the house for the trafficker, and especially the 13-14 year old girls being abused. Surely, you want to help the thousands of girls sold into trafficking everyday. Most importantly, help the sweet innocent girls that are getting sold into have sexual relations with men. It's now or never, call a human trafficking hot line today and start standing up to human traffickers. Thankfully, there are many ways you can. Call National Hotline 888-373-7888 and 911 if you see someone you think is being forced or coerced sexually or otherwise. You never know when you might save their life.

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