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In 2007 an international report concluded that over twenty seven million people had been trafficked worldwide. Human trafficking has fostered into one of the largest criminal businesses in the world and has been one of the longest criminal acts in the history of the world, for it stemmed from forms of slavery in ancient civilizations such as Rome and Greece. Human trafficking has matured into a global crisis as well as business through the corruption of authority and the economy that further accomplish its three steps; recruitment, transport, and exploitation.
Human trafficking involves the illegal recruitment, transfer, and exploitation of a human being for reasons including the necessity for cheap labor and prostitution by forceful and abusive means. Human trafficking success relies principally on a theory of demand. The greater need for cheap labor and less unemployment creates a greater demand for forced labor. This push-pull theory is also motivated by the amount of political instability in a country, the less stable a country is, the more its citizens are susceptible to being trafficked. (Corruption and Human Trafficking) For example, in South Africa, the diamond mining business is comprised of trafficked victims and volunteered employees. Although many people believe that victims of human trafficking are targeted based on their gender or age. However, often traffickers choose their victims based on their vulnerability and weakness. These determining factors begin the victim’s journey through the three steps of human trafficking. Unlike many peoples beliefs, women’s involvement is more prominent than men, for on many countries, their participation is more normal than male participation. (Global Report in Trafficking Perso...

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...gainst human trafficking, for corruptors within country’s government systems are preventing proper prosecutions to take place. (Global Report in Trafficking in Persons) Few international organizations have been created to fight against the issue, these include the Polaris Project, Called to Rescue, and Free the Slaves.
Human trafficking is an international issue that not only effects the victim it entraps, but also the world around it. The global demand for victims in the business of human trafficking is increasing daily, thus further amplifying its horrific effects. The economic benefits of this cruel industry have manipulated countries economies worldwide, thus further corrupting the international economy. Human trafficking as fostered into a form of modern day slavery, therefore justifying the lack of societal growth from societies where slavery stemmed.
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