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Considering the statistic, the United State of America has become part of slavery, known human trafficking. Human trafficking has existed for thousands of years. This is the trading of slaves and putting them to work. Human trafficking is a $32 billion a year industry that transports and trades people for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or even the removal of organs. According to the article, “Human Trafficking: USA”, more than 2.5 million people are trafficked in the U.S (HumanTrafficking). About 1.2 million children are also involved in human trafficking. This accounts than 50% of the human race today. These statistics and percentage are horrifying. This is not just a game to be trading people, but a serious problem that no one considers to prevent. Not only does human trafficking include forced labor, but it also includes sexual trafficking. According to Human Trafficking Statistic, 94% of the female victims are forced into sexual trafficking (Human Trafficking statistic). These are some shocking and gigantic numbers of statistics. Human trafficking has been constantly growing due to poverty, the greed of criminals, and the lack of government control. Along with the causes of human trafficking, there are many effects towards it.
Much of the data states that poverty is the root cause of human trafficking. Out of the 2.5 million people who are involved in human trafficking, most of them are from over 127 different countries. According to Petriliggieri, Europe is most known for trafficking (Poverty Is the Root). Over a thousand women and girls are bought and sold all over the world. Mostly women with lack of well-being, education, and societal integration are most likely to fall prey to a trafficker. They fall becau...

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...t way. Let everyone spread the news and the information about human trafficking. Everyone needs to know and help those who are still chained down in the lifestyle of human trafficking. If everyone tries to help and warn each other, maybe everyone will get a chance to live life freely. Human trafficking is modern slavery, and it needs to stop. Only if poverty, the greed of criminals, and the lack of government control did not exist then it would not cause so many problems and the victims would not have to suffer with the consequences. But because of poverty, the greed of criminals, and the lack of government control, human trafficking is constantly growing and so is the outcomes of human trafficking.So step up and make a change in someone’s life, warn them about human trafficking and make a stand to it. Everyone is a human being and deserves a chance to live freely.
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