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In today’s world the practice of hooking up is becoming all too common. It seems like it’s the normal thing to do while attending college. Conversations like the one above are what I hear every Monday on my walk through campus to class. Hooking up is just something everyone does when they are single in college. If one is in a relationship the norm seems to be living together or staying together most nights. Many say, mostly college student’s parents and older adults, what seems to be a steady increase of the hook up and cohabitation culture can lead to problems down the road. Does hooking up make one popular or the one no one wants? Does living together before marriage mean we are doomed to have an everlasting bond with our spouse? What problems…show more content…
I heard people talking about how they were hooking up and having sex. No matter where I was at whether it was the food court, the library, the classroom, all over campus these stories were being told. It was the thing everyone seemed to be doing whether sober or drunk. However, for me this was not the case I met the boy of my dreams during freshmen orientation and can proudly say we are going strong several years later. My new college friends though dove right into the hook up culture and the outcome wasn’t always the best. My boyfriend’s friends, however seemed to enjoy their experience of hooking up. This didn’t seem to make sense to me. As my college experience has gone one I have found this result to be common, For the purpose of this paper I asked several of my friends why they hookup and if the experience was one they enjoyed or regretted. Most of my friends openly admitted to hooking up several times and to my surprise, many of them said they regretted it. During class when reading Perspectives on Marriage Lickoma discussed this topic. Lickoma writes, “Girls, especially, need to know in advance the sharp regret that so many young women feel after becoming sexually involved” (Lickoma (198). Too often women think the idea of hooking up is a good choice at the time but often times regret their choice soon after the hook up. When interview girls the common response to why they hook up is that they hope to gain more from the hook up, as in a…show more content…
God created man in his own marriage he told them to “be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28)” (The Holy Bible). God wants was to have sex in order to multiply and bring life into the world. Sex before marriage is used for personal contentment and not with the intentions of procreation. The Catholic Church teachers the idea of Chastity. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church it states, “Whoever wants to remain faithful to his baptismal promises and resist temptations will want to adopt the means for doing so” (Catechism 2340). The church wants all to be chased and by doing so we uphold the promise we made at baptism. When we have sex before marriage we break those promise we made with the lord. “Sex should not be for entertainment. It should be for commitment” (Anonymous). In the eyes of the church even lust is frowned upon. Lust can be defined as the desire for inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure (Catechism 2351). Talking about having sex or imagining having sex is something the church does not approve on. Too often we hear of men and women saying they wish they could have sex with another person. It just common talk amongst college kids many do not see the wrong in lusting over another
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