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Who was Helen Keller? This was the question I curiously found myself typing into google after hearing her name on the BBC one afternoon last year; I hastily explored the famed and celebrated name, absorbing the many achievements accompanied with her renowned title. Upon reading her story, I was astonished, inspired and ultimately flabbergasted. At the mere age of 19 months old, a fever devastated Helen, unfortunately leaving her not only hopelessly blind, but also fatefully deaf. Proceed to when Helen was seven and Anne Mansfield Sullivan was opportunely introduced to be her tutor-the moment a budding and unforgettable friendship arose. Through devotion, persistence, courage and ultimately love, Miss Sullivan was able to conjure and help foster Helen’s enormous intelligence shadowed by her disabilities. Helen Keller quickly learned to read and write, and began to speak by the age of 10, beating all odds, she earned a graduate degree at the age of 20- the first deaf-blind person to do so. Finishing her honorable life’s journey in 1968, Helen’s legacy lingers as an outstanding feat to this very day. Left in admiration with the burning sensations her story had sparked in me, I knew right away I wanted to select one of Helen’s abundant life mottos she embossed, my favourite is recited below. Existing in a society where it would be a dream to stay young forever, to never get wrinkles or to worry about death slowly approaching, this message has reminded me that the best I can do for myself is to accept what I am able to do-and what I am not able to do; stopping time being one of the inevitable. Rather, it prompts me to look at age as an achievement- that I am lucky enough to get to that commendable point in my life.
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...ath, bringing along his enchanting positive attitude that is compelling to those he helps live a better life.

This quote has made a vital impact on my outlook and understanding of life. As embarrassing as it is for me to admit, it used to distress me when I thought of growing older and the changes I will have to make when age dawns upon me. perfection seems to exist as an illusion that conceals reality; made true only by our ignorance to deception. Billboards gracing striking models showcase covetous unblemished skin, when in reality they are airbrushed, deceitfully perfected. However, we still find ourselves buying the showcased product, with visions of being ‘perfect’ floating in our minds; we do everything in order to make our fantasies come true without truly knowing, seeing, or accepting our self-limits and most of the time, our false expectations are crushed.

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