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Perhaps you see someone at a party and wish you were friends. Regardless of what you want, your personality type (or theirs) just might not be compatible. Accept the reality that you aren’t meant to be friends with everyone you desire.

Of course you won’t know if someone is a compatible friend until you actually try to be friends. That means some of your attempts may fail, but don't get frustrated and quit trying if a relationship doesn’t work out. Eventually you’ll find someone unless you are looking for friends in the wrong places or haven’t dealt with issues that hinder your ability to make friends.

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. Because of her husbands work, they moved a lot, and I don't mean across town. They moved to another state and this happened every few years. You can imagine how stressful it must be to leave everyone you know and move to a city of strangers.

She was lonely, so her Mom gave her some advice. She said to knock on a neighbors' door and introduce herself. My friend did, but that advice didn't turn out exactly the way Mom expected. She received a rude response and went home crying. She called her Mom to tell her what happened. Her Mom was pretty wise, and told her to try another neighbor, which she did. This time she met a friendly neighbor and suddenly she didn't feel so alone. The point of this story is you must not give up if your first, second or even third attempt at making a friend fails. It's bound to happen, but eventually some of your attempts will succeed, when you present yourself as likeable and friendly. (Discussed in other chapters)
Remember, everyone has hang-ups. You have likes and dislikes and so do others. You may or may not have common interests, although that doesn't ...

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...may think this is foolish, but it’s actually an essential step: PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR! Don’t say you can’t. Of course you can (if you want to make new friends). You may not be comfortable at first, but you can learn how to smile, look friendly and walk confidently.

Make a friendly face. Practice smiling and walk with confidence. Even if you don’t feel it, do it. What do you look like? Watch body language and keep working on this important step until you improve and it feels natural. At times I still get nervous inside approaching a stranger, but I remind myself to keep smiling and greet them with a warm hello. They don’t have to know about the doubt going on in my mind as long as my face, speech and actions appear friendly. This works quite well, so don’t doubt it, until you try it.

2) Put your hand forward for a handshake (if appropriate), look into their
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