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A Reason to Grow up Senior in high school and I very recently realized that it was time to grow up and focus on myself. I have been very blessed growing up. I have always had my mother and father there for me, they always made sure my sister and I had the things we needed in order to make it through our childhood. Up until this year, through the eyes of practically everyone, my family seemed like the ideal family. We would go out as a family, laugh, play, joke around and love like a family, this year tore us apart. Just suddenly one day everything changed. I don 't see my dad anymore, I never get to see my sister, and as for my mom, well she 's trying to get me through school while working her heart out and struggling to keep it together. It 's amazing how life can change in such a short period of time. I used to rely on my parents tremendously. One day you can wake up and everything can be completely different than how it was the day before. Sudden changes in your life will teach a person that life isn 't perfect and it is far from easy.…show more content…
My sister and I were blessed with two amazing parents who are lucky to be alive. Although, biologically my sister has a different dad as me, my dad took responsibility and adopted my sister as his own. My mother and father were involved in a drinking and driving accident where my mom came out barely intact and my dad had to be brought back to life multiple times. I am blessed to even have them in my life. Growing up, my sister and I were daddy 's girls. Every day we had the chance he would take us fishing, four wheeling, hunting or even to work with him. Both my sister and I adored my father and loved spending time with him, he taught us all the things we know about outdoors and working hard. Honestly, we wouldn 't be the same girls we are today if it wasn 't for my

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