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How do we describe fun? What indeed is the definition of fun? Fun is simply just a word, but it is expressed as a feeling. The emotion that is often related to the word fun is happiness, but it can be felt or experienced in many different ways. People throughout the world rely on fun to stay close to their loved ones, to stay close to a happy heart, and experience life to the fullest of their abilities. In different areas of the world, cultures have a different way of describing to the world what they think fun is. Not everyone believes that you need be exerting energy to have fun. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on it and that is acceptable. This makes you who you are and lets you enjoy life the way that you wish most. Since the beginning of the English language the way we now describe fun is not how it was described many years ago. Nonetheless, we have all heard the saying “to make fun of” where and how did that come about? This word originated in 1727 by a man with the last name of Johnson. Its original purpose was to be completely opposite of…show more content…
That reason lies right inside our brain, in the back of the Temporal Lope. There is a small set of neurons that look like the shape of an almond that controls emotion of fun, this almond shape set is frequently known by the name Amygdala. Here dopamine, a chemical in the brain used for controlling emotions, is released to neurotransmitters that let us get the pleasurable feeling. When something is pleasurable often times than not we laugh over it. That’s another perfect example to describe what fun is. When the neurons are released and let us experience the feeling we smile, we laugh, or just feel joyful. Fun is a feel good medicine. If you’re feeling heavy-hearted, you can watch a comedy show. In like matter, this is something that will not only make you laugh, but let you experience the emotion of
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