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I decided to discuss Filipino martial arts for this second paper and why the training methods differ from most traditional arts. In this paper I will be discussing the differences and the effect it has on the practitioners physically. In addition, I will also explain why this was brought about and why these methods are so different compared to other martial arts. Multiple styles will be discussed and how they compare and differentiate from one another. General information about what Filipino martial arts are will also be provided throughout the paper. According to (Guy Chase, 2016) Filipino martial arts are described as old or current fighting methods that are used by the practitioner to defend or attack. Like most martial arts the central…show more content…
According to (Terry, Cox, 2016), it most certainly contains some of the most deadly martial arts in the world. Most arts are focused on putting an attack down quickly and efficiently, but most don’t truly plan to kill the attacker. Throughout most of these blade practicing arts, the training practices lethal blows that are truly intended to kill the person you are fighting against. Some arts practice doing the least amount of damage as possible, some practice brute force and taking down the target, but not all practice the full intent to kill like many Filipino arts do. The fact that there are blades involved in these arts makes it hard not to practice lethal force as…show more content…
This training was used to develop forms of blade combat like Arnus, Kali, and Eskrima (Seasite, 2016). These are just a couple of the many forms that are out there, but these seem to be the most popular. Another thing to consider is that the Philippines is a blade oriented culture in general. Farming work required blades and so did work in the kitchen. Spaniards often tried conquering the Philippines, but never truly succeeded. This meant that their blades were left behind and they were able to use these swords or daggers that were left behind and also replicate

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