Essay About Enterprise System

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1. What do you understand about “Enterprise System”? Foremost given this assignment will expose the student about what the enterprise system all about. Nowadays, however, there is a booming market for software packages claiming to provide a total, integrated solution to companies’ information processing is needed. Even companies that choose not to adopt such packages are pursuing aggressive strategies of systems integration by redeveloping custom software and adopting technologies such as data warehousing. Integrated enterprise systems deserve serious research attention because of their great potential for financial, technical, managerial, human, and strategic benefits, costs, and risks. This assignment will provide a theoretical framework for analyzing, both retrospectively and prospectively, the business value of enterprise systems. We first describe the historical context in which enterprise systems emerged. Next we identify the key characteristics of enterprise systems, discuss the reasons companies do and do not adopt them, and summarize arguments about why enterprise systems are an important topic for research. We then analyze enterprise systems in terms of the concept of success. We argue that the many facets of success create difficulties for both academics and practitioners and require a framework for understanding the “enterprise system experience.” Essential elements of this framework include phases, starting conditions, goals, plans, and quality of execution. We conclude with suggestions for future research. What we are understand by this enterprise system is a combination of computer hardware and software that used by most of companies nowadays. It helps to organize and run the operations in organizations. As the ex... ... middle of paper ... ...t including the immeasurable impact of damaged consumer trust and brand reputation. Information systems security is no longer just an IT issue; it’s a boardroom imperative for trust, loyalty and success. Only enterprise systems from IBM deliver peace of mind for your business, your partners and your clients through unmatched security for data and applications. They are secure by design, with robust encryption of data at rest and in-flight with strict isolation for sensitive applications and data in virtualized environments. They also help organizations manage risk and control the costs of compliance. Protect integrity of data.Enterprise systems ensure privacy and isolation of sensitive data and the integrity of critical data delivered to applications across the enterprise, and they manage the encryption of data over its lifecycle whether it is at rest or in motion.
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