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Dropout Age Students around the globe are dropping out of high school because they are disinterested or it is too aggravating for them. Many do not consider the effects of dropping out of any school without some sort of diploma. Instead, they make the choice without any knowledge of the effect it may take on having a successful life, which leads to more than a million dropouts each year. Dropping out of high school before receiving any sort of diploma leads to many negative impacts on the rest of one’s life such as not meeting job requirements or choosing the path of crime and as well as making a low income when it comes to jobs. When it comes to working, having a high school diploma helps with meeting job satisfactions. Due to teens dropping…show more content…
According to Seattlepi, many students drop out due to early parenthood, no parental support, and the need to support their family. Teen pregnancy is a big issue and causes many teens to drop out. They experience morning sickness or fatigue or even embarrassment and can not concentrate on their schoolwork so they make the choice of dropping out to focus on their pregnancy. Others experience a lack of parental support throughout the school year and this results in no encouragement towards school causing many to leave early. Parents pay a big role when it comes to high school and many show a lack of interest in their child's academic success so the child sees no point in continuing their work. Other students play the role of adults if they have a parent who struggles with supporting the family. Many teens go through having many responsibilities at home such as providing for the family. Parents may struggle with being able to support their children so the teen lends a hand and feels the need to help causing many to drop out due to too much stress. For all these reasons and more, teens sometimes have to drop out while other teens abuse the dropout age because they are
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