Essay About Domestic Violence

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Have you ever wondered how domestic violence happens? Does it start as a full on bashing of the person you live with? Well, the answer is no actually. In most cases it doesn’t start off as the full on violence that we end up reading in the newspapers or watching in the news. Domestic abuse is also known as spouse abuse. This occurs when one person in an intimate relationship or marriage tries to dominate, control and intimidate the other person. One form of this is domestic violence. The perpetrator uses fear, shame, guilt and intimidation in orger to take control of the victim’s life. In some cases the abuser hurts the people that the victim loves and cares for as well, in most cases this its children. Many violence cases are left for too long. Some of them are reported whilst there is still time to save the perpetrator as well as the victims. A big reason why victims don’t report domestic violence is because they will be scared of how their partners will react. In some cases pride is a big reason why victims do not report domestic violence at all because they believes that if the...
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