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Electronic game is a famous entertainment among human no matter in which ages, the transformation design of video games and computer games had gone through a lot of changes since the first ever invented. The difference between the video and computer games is not much but the physical appearance. Video game is built through devices with a console that require a television to be played with. Compare to computer game that required a computer to run the games and with features of online gaming which video game doesn’t support. Computer game allow players to interactive to each other when play online while video game only allow interaction between friends and family. Over the years, computer games become popular compare to video games because of the variety games supported by computer where video games only support by one system and only applicable on their own game creation. Video game is an electronic gaming that display on a video display or television screen or the latest devices such as PSP and Nintendo. In the early 40s, the world first video games called “Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement” had been invented by Thomas T. goldsmith Jr. and Estle R. Mann that made a starting point to video games. The evolution of video game had been transform from graphic paper till the 2D graphic and better 3D graphic such as Microsoft XBOX, Wii and Sony Play Station. On the other hand, computer game known as PC game had not much different than video game which computer game is design to be use on a computer but not a video display television screen with keyboard as the controller. The first computer game was invented on 1952 called “TicTacToe” by A.S. Douglas on an EDSAC vacuum-tube computer. Recently in the past few years, this gaming field had be... ... middle of paper ... ...t game presence positive impact on students. They conduct the research with a computer based game call “Fire Captain” that allow student to comprehend the role as a fire fighter. The result had brought out a conclusion where students who played the game beneficially learned problem solving skills, increase critical thinking and better understanding as a role of fire fighter. In addition, educational gaming guide students to a better management skills and earlier age of leadership practice through the game. On the other hand, video and computer games powerfully changed the world trend where children nowadays cannot live without a technological devices or computers game. This issue had become concerned among parents and societies where games might consists potential harmful materials such as violence, aggressive and over fascinating towards games.
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