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Like most athletes, I looked forward to competition day. Rather it was state, nationals or just a football game. I love cheering, no matter the time of year. Yes, I consider myself an athlete. Cheerleading takes sweat and determination just like any other sport out there. The only difference is that at a cheer competition, judges have the final say. We can’t just pin a man or score a few touchdowns to win. We have to put it all on the mat for three minutes, hit everything solid and even then the outcome is never predictable. Cheerleading is not the most important thing in my life, not even close, but it is a big part of it. I have so much to stay about the sport that I could probably write a novel. Cheerleading is not just standing on the sidelines and cheering. It goes beyond the expectations of what people think cheerleading is. A competition routine consists of a squad performing tumbling, jumping, dancing, stunting skills and a cheer for three minutes on a competition mat while being completely flawless. Each tumbling pass and stunt is judged on difficulty as well as technique. Dance, cheer motions and jumps are judged on technique and sharpness. The more difficult a pass or stunt the more points awarded. The more…show more content…
We don’t just stand around and cheer on our team. Cheerleading is not just looking pretty in a uniform and making a good impression. It is way more than anything, anybody could ever imagine. Being an athlete, who has played multiple sports and wasn’t bad at any of them I will still argue that cheerleading is one of the hardest, most exciting and dangerous sports there is. More injuries happen in cheerleading than on the football field. Just take me for instance, fractured back, multiple concussions, broken nose, multiple knee hyperextensions, bruises on every single body part, pulled muscles, and other problems that I do not even want to talk about. High competive cheerleading takes a huge toll on a

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