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Volk, Camilleri, Dane and Marini (2012) describe bullying as a specific form of aggression that is characterized by an imbalance of power whereby a more powerful individual repeatedly and intentionally causes harm to a weaker individual. Bullying has changed from the classic taunting and physical forms. Different forms of bullying have arisen in response to different societal pressures, these forms include racial/ethnic, verbal, physical, sexual and indirect/social as well as the new form of cyber bullying which has now complicated being able to control the bullying. (Volk, Camilleri, Dane & Marini, 2012). This is an issue that is seen in all ages across all schools within society, however now days with social media the bullying has become an issue outside of school and a lot more difficult to keep a track of. This literature review will be analysing bullying with the use of three peer reviewed journal articles in an attempt to answer the questions of why adolescents bully and is it something that cannot be stopped and we should be focusing our attention more on the severity and results of bullying. Bullying peaks around the age of 14 and between 10% and 60% of adolescents within the societies examined are involved in this phenomenon. (Volk, Camilleri, Dane & Marini, 2012). The age of 14 speaks out because it is the age in which adolescents go through hormonal changes, begin to mature into an adult, and are pressured with school and sport and the sometime overwhelming thought about their future. What of these factors help with explaining bullying among adolescents and from the knowledge that we gain, what can we do to prevent it from happening, if that’s even possible, or stomping on the severity of the bullying so it doesn’t le... ... middle of paper ... ...ying has become is an issue all in its own. Some adolescents may not even be aware that they get caught up in cyber bullying by simply reading or passing on the content that is being sent around. A lot of it is seen as fun and games however it is seen on the news too often of teens turning to suicide because of constant bullying online. Understanding the mind of a bully and why adolescents are bullying is important in finding a solution. The results of Volk, Camilleri, Dane and Marini (2012) study that uses the benefits of bullying to find alternative tasks that give the same benefits is something that really stands out and should be looked in more into. Bullying and cyber bullying of adolescents is a growing problems and one that needs to paid a lot of attention to if not, the physical and psychological welfare of adolescents throughout society will be in danger.

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