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Over time history is simplified. We tend to focus on the feel-good things people want to learn about instead of the factual things that have happened and what made America what it is today. History is important for someone to have a good understanding of being a human. History allows people to build and also to change things that have happened in the past that we now know isn’t what we want to America to be. It is important to learn both the good and the bad things that have happened in the past because that is what has made us the way America is today. People usually don’t like to learn about the gory and bad things that have happened in history. We like to think that every historical figure we look up to today was an outstanding man that…show more content…
However, as noted by Zeon Santos, on his article “Ten of the Most Outrageous Things Benjamin Franklin Ever Did,” Benjamin Franklin “was a thinker, a drinker, and a real stinker if you got on his bad side.” He is one of America’s most fascinating historical figures because he led a very colorful life; much of which is left out of the American history books. Overall, Ben Franklin was a brilliant man who had hundreds of inventions, including bifocals, the rocking chair, and the Franklin stove. However, there are three lesser-known qualities about Ben Franklin that aren’t so pleasant. These unflattering facts about Ben Franklin include slave owner, his loose lips when discussing important matters, and lack of respect for his…show more content…
Spacy is one of the best at his job, but people need to realize, they are more than what you do for a living, and some people forget about that. Ben Franklin was a lot of things. He was an inventor, one of our founding fathers, and an overall brilliant man. He had a temper, although he rarely showed it to anyone, and he could hold a grudge for a very long time, making him difficult to work with at times. He had more ideas in one day than some people have in a year, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a good person. In history, we tend to focus on the things we want to learn about, and how it has shaped us into who we are today. Without reading and learning about history the world would be a lot different. Throughout time and learning stories are cut down and simplified, and when you’re younger you do not want to know that a major person in our history books was a loose mouth, unorganized, flirt, who in the end didn’t even say goodbye to his wife of many years. We like to read the good and not the bad, we like to think the people we look up to the most never did a bad thing in their life, and that just isn’t true. Overall, Benjamin Franklin came up with a lot of ideas we still use today, and without him, we would have been way worse off. It is important to read the “feel-good” history, but if people knew what Benjamin was really like, personality and all he wouldn’t be as big as a

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