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My journey on the basketball team Joining anything comes with a struggle, such as fitting in or trying to be the best. Basketball is a prioritized sport in my family. I always knew that as soon as I hit junior high it would be time to fulfill my family’s prophecy of joining a basketball team. I was not too thrilled of the thought at first. I decided to talk to some of my friends to get their view on it. Most of their responses were negative.
I remember my best friend at the time had told me, “You can’t even do your hair and cut your nails, how are you going to play basketball”. I don’t know why I even asked, it wasn’t like I even had a choice. Try out was approaching mid-October. I’ve had a little experience, but I felt like I was the best
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If one person is not at their best that day, the team work harder to replace the one that we have lost. Our point guard was also our team captain, she held us together. When we aren’t getting along on the team, she always know what to say to us on the same page.
My experience as a basketball player had its ups and downs, but I grew stronger as a person. It was a bit harder trying to fit in at first. But after all of our walls came down, we started accepting each other.
Finally, fitting on the basketball team at Barnett junior high school was one of my best. I was proud to be a part of something for once during my freshman year. It wasn’t an easy road, but I found my way through and work with teammates.
As I said before, friends said things to discourage me from trying out to make the team. Their words didn’t stop me but motivated me to work harder. During the week of tryout, after school hours, I will practiced how to dripple with my sisters, run a mile every evening and learn how to shoot my balls to make baskets.
At first, my friend’s words try to play on my mind. My parents always told me this, “never give up” and I did just that and brought them proud. They supported me throughout my days on the team. They went to my games and cheer me

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