Essay About Archimedes

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Seeking for success should not be an easy task. Success is not a gift, it would not appear spontaneously unless you work hard on it. To reach the pinnacle of life, people should work hard on it. No one should take success lightly or cheat other’s way to greatness. Every personality who has high achievement has the common qualities which lead them to be successor. The qualities that found from Archimedes are dedication in gaining knowledge, excellent in critical thinking skill, take up the challenge and loyalty. These qualities of life shape him to be a good person.
Archimedes was a dedicated person. He always hunger for knowledge. During the rise of Alexandria, Alexandria became the most important scientific centre of the world. When Archimedes knew this, he quickly left his native country and studied at the Museum which was the most famous mathematics school at that time. There was not a short distant for him to go to Alexandria from his native country. Besides, Museum was founded by Euclid, a well-known mathematician, thus, it was not an easy task to get into this school. This evident shows that Archimedes’ desire for getting more knowledge. Before that he never attend for any school, all mathematics knowledge that he knew was his own research. However, he had the strong basic on mathematics before he studied in Museum because he loved mathematic so much. This was the point that made him to be successful in his life.
He loved mathematics so much and he dedicated the rest of his life to the research of mathematics, building, machines and mechanisms. During that time, there were absence of paper and blackboard. However, it did not be an obstacle for Archimedes to feed in more knowledge. He used sand, dust, ashes or sand to study ...

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...during the attack of the Roman. He invented war machine such as Archimedes’ claw, the catapult and the death ray to defence the country. His inventions caused the terrible destruction of Roman army. Also, some of the researchers said that Archimedes was killed by the Roman army because he refused to help the new ruler. These incidents strongly show that Archimedes was loyal to the king and Syracuse.
In short, Archimedes was a dedicated person. He always hunger for knowledge especially mathematics. Besides, he was a creative and critical thinker. He could apply what he learnt in his invention. Moreover, he always took up with the challenges. This cause him had great contribution to the future generation. Last but not least, he was loyal to himself his family and his nation country. These qualities of life lead him to become a good person and an excellent personality.