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“Leisure is a central part of the day-to-day experience of older people who no longer have responsibility for dependent children and who have retired from paid work” (Veal, Darcy, Lynch, 2013, p. 476). As individuals grow older there is no denying that leisure becomes an important part of their lives. No longer having large responsibilities of work and children they are able to participate in leisure activities.
This essay will explore the future of leisure and human rights by critically examining a group of older retired Australian’s who travel to Melbourne. Pollution, technology and sustainability can further be explored to determine the type of leisure experiences they will experience in the year 2030. By exploring these factors it can be determined what the future of leisure and human rights may be for these individuals in the years to come.

The trip to Melbourne is for 3 nights with a group of 4, 65 year old women. During the trip the group fly to Melbourne where they catch transport to the CBD, which is where, their hotel is located. On the first night the group have dinner at one of Melbourne’s finest restaurants in Crown. On the second day the group attended The Melbourne Cup followed by dinner. On the third day the group spend a relaxing day walking around the city visiting points of interest. On the last day the group have free time before they fly home.

On the first day of the trip the group of women fly from their hometown, a small country town in Queensland to Melbourne, their chosen holiday destination. When arriving in Melbourne they automatically become exposed to air pollution. The world health organization describes air pollution as “contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physic...

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