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The impact that athletics has had on my Life The impact that athletics has had on my life is everything. It made me a better person. For example it made me to be more responsible, focus, and more determined to accomplish my goals. Ever since I became being an athlete I’ve learned that there’s responsibility. And one of them is being responsible for me and me only. I have to watch what I do and who I hang around with because hanging with the wrong people can mess up my opportunities an athlete. But it’s more than that; it’s also being responsible inside the classroom. Taking care of my grades and doing my work. Being an athlete it made me more focus of what I do. For example, it makes me focus in the classroom, so I will be able to get good grades. Getting good grades keeps me focused because I want to get an academics scholarship than an athletic scholarship. Don’t get me wrong I would be happy if I got an athletic scholarship but I just prefer an academic scholarship. What also keep me focus are coaches help keep me focused as well. Player who gets a grade lower than a B Moss Has to jump a bench. This bench is about 3ft long and very wide with sharp corners. And the coaches determine how many you jump by how many points that you’re away from a B. For example, say if I got a 70 he would make jump a hundred because I was ten points off from getting a B. As an athlete I’m determined to accomplish my goals. Those goals are to go to a college with my academic or my athletic abilities and to be successful in my life.

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