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Wealthy people have been admired in society for a long time but in reality many of the things that rich people did in the early 1900’s led to social and moral decay in America. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald writes about a specific example of this in an area of New York City that is split into two parts called West Egg and East Egg. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, portrays the 1920’s as an era of decline in social and moral aspects of America by using many characters and themes such as the Valley of Ashes, Jay Gatsby’s parties, and Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship. The Valley of Ashes represents the collective deterioration that is a result of the rich community’s lifestyle. Immoral behavior is shown at Jay Gatsby’s parties in the poor behavior of the guests and the illegal activities there. Also, Gatsby himself, the story of his journey to riches, and his love for Daisy shows many signs of moral corruption. These symbols each show how the values in America are diminishing and they have other deeper meanings as well.
The Valley of Ashes is a large poverty-ridden area filled with ashes that sits between two very rich cities, West Egg and New York City. The characters in the story have to drive through this depressed area every time that they go to the city. The Valley of Ashes represents, in a very visual way, the results of the rich people’s reckless and impetuous lifestyle. It also shows the struggles of the poor and how the men who live among the ashes lose their strength and will. A defining event occurs in the Valley of Ashes that draws attention to the moral failures of the characters in the story. When Gatsby and Daisy run over Myrtle and kill her they just drive away and prete...

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...another man is not frowned upon too much by most of her peers, like Nick and Jordan. According to Nick Carraway, “Dishonesty in a woman is a thing you never blame deeply” (p.58). This is a blatant example of how moral principles and culture were changing for the worst.
The novel The Great Gatsby, is very effective in showing how social and moral values of Americans declined and became less strict in the 1920’s. F. Scott Fitzgerald gets this theme across to the reader by using symbols and characters such as the Valley of Ashes, Jay Gatsby’s parties, and Gatsby’s life in general. This book shows the lifestyle of the wealthy in the 1920’s which was very carefree and extravagant. The story and analysis of the lives of these wealthy young men and women, along with a number of symbols in the novel, demonstrate the lack of moral values during this time period.
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