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I chose this site, because I wanted to learn more about Samuel Adams and how he helped to fan the flames of the American Revolution. I also liked how much this site talked about other topics that we read about in this unit, such as, the Boston Massacre, the boycotts that were held, the Tea Act, Sons of Liberty, the Townshend Acts, the Continental Congress, and the Boston Tea Party. The information that this site has expands on the information mentioned above and I found this very useful since all of the above topics are ones that we are currently studying. Overall, I was just very pleased with how much information that this site had to offer about the various people and events that feed the fire of the American Revolution.
Three things that I found interesting on this site were Samuel Adams and John Adams role in the aftermath of the Boston Massacre, that there was more than one tea party in the colonies, and difference between soldiers and leaders. I found that the role of both, Samuel Adams and John Adams, in the aftermath of the Boston Massacre as very ingenious and slightly deceiving. This site states that Samuel Adams arranged a huge funeral for the first martyrs at the Boston Massacre, he swore an oath to hold a memorial for the martyrs each year on March 5, and he printed articles in the newspapers he owned blaming the British soldiers by saying they fired on innocent civilians. The reason that I found this interesting was, because later on in the article it talks about how Samuel Adams was happy that his cousin, John Adams, was hired as the defense attorney for the British soldiers. The site states that the reason Samuel was happy that John was the defense attorney was due to the fact that John was said to be the best la...

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... he played in the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Continental Congress, and overall as a leader in flaming the flames of the American Revolution. I learned that Adams was very cunning and intelligent in how he used the Boston Massacre to gain support for the cause of freedom. Likewise, I learned more of Adams role in the Sons of Liberty and the Boston Tea Party and how these events eventually caused a chain reaction for others to dump or boycott the cheap tea that the British imported. On the other hand, I also learned more of Adams as a diplomat, through his role at the Continental Congress, and found it very intriguing how much the people of Boston admired and followed him. This site was just very helpful in expanding my knowledge of not only the events that led up to the American Revolution, but particularly the role that Adams had in each incident.
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