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Ever since I was in school, I was interested in Computer Science. I was also introduced to programming in school and was fascinated by computers. With these interests, Computer Science was the ideal choice as my undergraduate major. I have always cherished a career in research and training in Computer Science. To achieve my goal, I need to have a strong understanding & expertise in Computer Science. I feel that graduate studies at a great university like Illinois Institute Of Technology in pursuit of a Graduate would be a step in that direction. My undergraduate studies in the Department of Information Technology at the St.Joseph’s College of Engineering under Anna University, Chennai have been extremely helpful to acquire a strong foundation in computer science. I majored in Computer Science so that I would get the broadest exposure possible in multiple disciplines using which I could more easily leverage my learned skills. Through the many opportunities I have had here, I have found that I have a deep interest in software development and web design and a strong aptitude for the type of problem solving and problem discovery that it involves. Any amount of learning in Computer Science would be incomplete without hands on experience of Programming. In this regard I completed various mini projects like RFID Based Poad Toll Tax – this is based on Embedded C programming language and SPORTS MEET- data used in this project is based on DBMS which has both my own interest and also as a part of some of my courses. My interest in theoretical computer science has inspired me to carry out research and implementation in this subject. Simultaneously, I have kept myself abreast with the recent trends in research through surveys during project... ... middle of paper ... ...ut also have a feel of other related fields. Hence, I want to pursue graduate studies at your university, which has an excellent program in Web design and Software Development is also good in other fields of computer science. Illinois Institute Of Technology satisfies these criteria perfectly. I am sure that working in such an excellent setup will give me valuable research experience and enable me to produce an excellent output in my Ph.D. I am aware that Illinois Institute Of Technology expects very high standards from its students. On my part, I can assure you of sincerity and hard work. I am confident that my enthusiasm will enable me to meet your expectations. Considering my passion & experience in the field and the specialized course you offer, I strongly believe that Illinois Institute Of Technology is the right fit for me and I am the right fit for the course
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