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Are whole future is going into the technology age. Everything we use or do has to do with a electronical device like cell phones, computers, laptop’s, I-pods, and even tablets. The new age of information and technology is now the importance in this economy. We use this for building car safety talking to people over the country filling out job applications mostly everything we use needs a computer. One of the biggest things in technology right now is social media how we contact people let them know how we are doing. What are friends and family are up to in the time that has passed by. There are many big social media groups out there like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and even Instagram which help us keep in contact with the people around the world.

Even though we use the social media for fun and to let people know about are life’s there is also a bad side of social media that people don’t know about. People Stalk others and also have found people over social media. Deaths have happen from social media groups from people putting their home address and were there at during the time they are there. Other people send rumors and embarrassing photo graphs of old friends that they now hate and despise. People have also lost jobs from not knowing there employers go online and see what they put on the social sights. Social media has both a good and bad side to it but it depends on what you do and put on it. Make sure to be smart when you are on a social sight you never know what will happen.

Businesses also use social media to support their company name and get out there into the world. Facebook is a big source of online business like UFC who sell products tell people about big upcoming fights or anyway they can help make the company gr...

... middle of paper ... fix problems. This also needs a lot of knowledge for computers to take out bank taxes or gain credit when going out and spending money. Sending out bank statements checks or bills are all because of computers.

In the long run computers are a big help for the future and economy. They help us with a lot of what we do today if its being social with others making a good business or even expanding are knowledge. Most of the jobs are run by computers are life is surrounded by technology. Music, cars, video games and new sports equipment are all designed off a computer and are made by us. Are technology gets better every year because of the technology we have today. We grow more faster and smarter from the more we build. The computers we make get better as we progress from them better hard drives, faster processors, and for human kind and computers a better memory.
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