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Governments throughout history have always been watching closely on the moral values of their society, but up to what point should a government control their society’s values? It is part of a government’s responsibility to have control on their society, on their beliefs and their conduct, but sometimes a government can go too far, mucho further than they should. Many novels have examined how life would be with an extremist government, one that has total control over their people, even on their thoughts, where people have absolutely no freedom. An example of this is the novel 1984 by George Orwell, this book narrates the life of a citizen in a dystopian society, where government has total control over their society, up to the point where the only thing that belongs to each person is their brain, everything else belongs to the government. Extremes like this is where the government should never get to, they must have so me control over their citizens, but not absolute control as it happens in this novel. The novel 1984 was banned in various parts of the world and in different times of history. First, it was banned and burned in the U.S.S.R. under Joseph Stalin’s regime for negative attitude towards communism. In that time, reading it could result in getting arrested. This book has also been removed from several schools in the United States. During the Cold War, a teacher from Minnesota was fired for refusing to remove this book from his reading plan. In 1981, in Jacksonville, Florida, the book was challenged saying it was “pro-communist” and that it contained explicit sexual material. Between 1965 and 1982, this book held the fifth place on the list of most challenged books for being immoral and pro-communist. As it was stated bef... ... middle of paper ... ...e think, that they want to have them under control and on the same team as them, but this should only be done through propaganda and nothing further than that. The maximum that a government should do is to give people an idea and give them the freedom of choosing what they want to believe and what they don’t. The extreme at which government control’s society in my book is a point where you should never get to. In the book they get to the point of completely controlling every aspect of a citizens life, and when someone disagrees with them, they are tortured until they change their mind. This is too far for any government to go to control moral values of their society. To conclude, it is okay for a government to want to have control over their citizens and having them in their favor, but it is not okay to go too far to the point of suppressing them from their rights.

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