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Peer pressure is one of the most common things while growing up as a kid, a teenager, and even an adult. Peer pressure can either put you in a spectacular situation, or it can put you in a horrible situation as well. Most people can get peer pressured into doing something you don't want to do. I was a victim of peer pressure and let me tell you it wasn't a good experience. It was the last day of my sophomore year I walked into class and sat down looking around bored out of my mind. I was looking outside the classroom door and I saw my friend walk by. I asked to go to the restroom, and I ran out to catch up to my friend and once I caught up to him we started talking and it seemed that he didn't want to be at school either. So we walked around looking for other people to ditch with and after about five minutes we found about two friends. Both of us asked them; are you guys down to ditch n' head out to the park? They both agreed n we all started walking off campus towards the park. As soon as we started walking off campus campus security started to chase us b...

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