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In the text Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the two major characters of Will and John the Savage share multiple similarities and differences. Will in Something Wicked This Way Comes towards the beginning of the book is much more of a thinker than his friend Jim, who favors action. Will cares deeply about doing what is right, and, unlike Jim, he favors inaction when the alternative is harmful or destructive. Will is selfless, and he runs tremendous risks to save Jim even when Jim himself does not necessarily want to be saved. John in Brave New World is a character similar to Will. While presented are some differences too. John, being the only major character is the protagonist. John performs such activities being the main character that other characters in the book are discouraged to do. Both, John and Will are on their way towards an internal conflict towards merging their ideas to their community/family. As the story of Something Wicked This Way Comes unfolds, Will finds that he is capable of quick and decisive action once he has made a critical decision. But still he struggles to know if he is certain of his knowledge and if he is doing the right thing. While Will is in an internal dilemma he runs tremendous risks to save Jim even when Jim himself does not necessarily want to be saved. On, the other hand John towards the beginning of the book does certain activities that recoil the major characters of Bernard and Lenina. But when compared to Will John has extensive knowledge and wisdom. As an outsider, John takes his values from a more than 900-year-old author, William Shakespeare. John’s extensive knowledge of Shakespeare’s works serves him in several important ways: it enab... ... middle of paper ... ...f the old world order. Similar to Will, John also faces a problem in the book. John becomes a symbol of the primitive pitted against utopia, the old pitted against the new. A product of the old world order where he is not accepted, he still values human emotions, art, literature, and family ties. Unable to accept the cold conformity and promiscuity of the new world, John really has no place. I feel that when looking at John from a certain way, in spite of his frustration and confusion, Huxley uses the Savage as a spokesperson for art, literature, culture, human relationships, and individualism. But, the character has a problem. Unfortunately, John cannot find a place where he is allowed to express his own views about these things and be heard. So, John serves as warning on Huxley's part about the dangers of a brave new world that refuses to acknowledge individualism.
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