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Comfort Of Thoughts and Dreams Its a bird!! Its a plane!! No...Its a rock. The seemingly dull grey pearl sized rock sailed through the air at such an altitude,that its jagged corners seemed to scrape the evening sunset, but as i looked at it I saw more than a rock. My non-linear perception of time allowed me to simultaneously see it as is, as it was and as it could be; so I saw. I saw as it was, the semblance of a tiny speck of dust radiating a myriad of colors with such intensity that it blinded all spectrums, infinitesimally small in size yet nearly infinite in mass and energy.."Ahh" I thought this must be 9.001 trillionth of a second after the big bang. At the same time I saw as it could be, part of a magnificent edifice made almost entirely of the rare metal Entilium(The 128th element on the periodic table Discovered by Lekan Osagie-Famobiwo CMXI descendant of Legendary Mechanical Engineer Lekan Osagie-Famobiwo I in the year 27,032 AD) ."Hehe" i chuckled, surprisingly humored that humanity had not cannibalized itself into extinction by that time.Who was I? That was simple, Who wa...

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