Essay 3

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Sometimes the desire to be lazy is hard to overcome. All of us have experienced those day’s where you have no desire to do what needs to be done. Sometimes we give into that desire and choose the easy road, and sometimes we resist the desire and we go and do the task at hand, regardless of how hard it may be. So why do we ever even consider choosing the hard road and doing that difficult job? We do it because something drives us to do it, there is some kind of benefit or reward for the hard work, that reward could be a paycheck, a meal, the benefit of something that now works properly because it was fixed or repaired, or the reward could be the eternal reward of heaven. The Bibles books of wisdom, specifically Ecclesiastes lays out the meaning of our lives and gives us answers to the questions of why we shouldn’t just be lazy instead of working hard through life and why it is better to make wise decisions than to foolishly go through life (Hindson, 271). The author of Ecclesiastes starts the book by saying that everything is meaningless and asks the question, “What do people gain ...

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