Essay 2

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Going to college can be lot harder then some people may expect. Especially a freshman going into the school year for their first time. Some complications can arrive besides the fact of just completing all of the work in a class. There are many factors that can have an affect and can be a serious problem that a student can face as they enter their first year. Through my experience as a freshman, the complications I had entering college was not having enough money, working, and not putting enough effort. After high school, I decided to take a couple years off of school because I wanted to get a job and save up some money. I knew that I would not be able to pay for all of my classes , and still have money left over for my bills. After saving up for about a year and a half , I applied to Riverside Community College. I also applied for financial aid to see if that could help my financial situation. As a freshman I wanted to take all the units required to be a full time student. I took four classes my first semester and it was pricey to pay for all of these classes. Then I had pay for my parking permit, just to be able to have a place to park everyday for school. I noticed that a majority amount of the money I had saved up was almost gone. Then after attending my classes for the first week of school, the teachers would tell us which materials the students would need for class. The book for each class was around 150to 300$ . All the teachers wanted the newest edition of the books needed for class and those were more expensive. Taking four classes meant that I needed four books , so I began to get stressed because I didn't realize school would cost this much. All that money I had saved up was gone just after the first week of school. I ... ... middle of paper ... My first semester at Rcc was terrible and for me I never had bad grades in high school. The amount of effort a student puts into their work will most likely reflect onto their grade. Seeing my grades for the first time as a freshman really opened my eyes and it showed me that I had not been doing all I could to pass my classes. I needed to put more effort into my assignments and to really try my hardest if I wanted to be more successful in school. Every freshman will have their own individual problems that occur to them that could affect how they do in school. For me my complications of money, working, and putting in no effort as a freshman helped me to realize what I need to do to finish school. These complications helped me to realize that even though sometimes it feels impossible to stay on top of my schooling , I need to try my best and to not give up.
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