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Introduction: The reason I have chosen to do “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” is because I find the way it is placed in the Quadrilogy. By This I mean that it’s the first ever star wars film, then it became a Trilogy and then after it became a Quadrilogy. The fact it has changed so much interests me a lot, for example the Narrative and 3 act structure would have changed from a single film into a trilogy. The story in a synopsis would be a young boy is found by a mysterious yet powerful figure and he is told his true past and heritage and decides to join this stranger on an adventure across the galaxy which winds up with the protagonist joining the Rebels in taking the infamous Empire and also learning who he really is. Genre Characteristics: “Star Wars 4” is a hybrid genre film and has Characteristics of Fantasy/Action/ Adventure. The film has many stereotypical signs within the film for example the feeling of traveling in space going to different planets which are all completely different to earth give it is Adventuring feel. This shows the viewer how much of an adventure you feel like you’re on which also falls into the Fantasy genre because while traveling to each of the worlds you also get to meet many different sentient beings which in the end all go to war towards a Dictatorship. This film does have your very wide “Formulaic elements” in it such as Luke being a nobody against the empire and then the loss of his master and friend all the way up to him becoming the hero of the galaxy by destroying a Empire death star. To summarise this film goes into the hybrid genre section but at the same time defies that of the Syntagmatic area of film but it doesn’t change it distractedly for example the good guys are overwhelmed and ... ... middle of paper ... ... my chosen film is a story for the screen as it follows all of your typical film codes and theory’s, Which in film should be compulsory unless you know 100% your film will be good without following the mainstream. What else this film does Alone is sets the Quadrilogy up but before setting up the trilogy which expands the universe 10 fold but each film of the franchise manages to stick with codes and you could say laws of films while also being clever when it comes to changing a particulars characters role and plot device within the film. While writing this essay I have learnt a lot by doing research and actually applying what I have learned in lessons into Star wars and have learnt a lot of trivial and knowledgably stuff which I did not know before while also teaching myself new things about theory and also how important some of it really is unlike I thought before.

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