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Kate Chopin’s writing has captivated the minds of critics. As an author, Kate Chopin used her way of writing to illustrate to readers how her upbringing formed her views on society morals and values. Chopin demonstrates through her writing that she was a big advocate of women's rights on account of political, social, and economic inequality to men. Kate Chopin’s works such as “The Storm,” exemplify her views on feminism and suggests that women should have the freedom to express who they really are. Chopin’s “The Storm” illustrates how her life experiences in Louisiana influenced her writing to overstep “male-defined borders” and challenge society’s opinions and views on women (Streater 1).
Kate Chopin was born to a life full of tragedy. Katherine O'Flaherty was born on February 8th, 1850. Gregg Camfield’s article discusses many of Kate Chopin’s grieving moments throughout her life. Camfield states that at a young age, Kate Chopin lost her father and was left to be raised and mentored by her widowed single mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Since a very young age Kate Chopin learned the characterization of an independent woman but she still got married at the age of twenty to a man named Oscar Chopin. Despite the fact Kate Chopin got married at a young age, she did not allow marriage to take away her independent customs. Though Kate Chopin had five boys and one girl, she was still the independent women that would walk the streets of Louisiana without the company of a male figure. After only a few years after they married and had kids, Oscar Chopin died due to a fever. With losing her father, husband, and later her mother, Kate Chopin became a very depressed person. Emily Toth states that one of Kate Chopin’s mentors fro...

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...nd their way across” (Stone 22). Society during Kate Chopin’s time, did not accept her way of writing and it was not until years after Kate Chopin’s death that her stories became rediscovered.
Kate Chopin’s life experiences molded her writing to become an advocate for feminism in her society. Growing up with independent women role models allowed Kate Chopin to discover a free woman without any constraints in herself. Authors such as Gregg Camfield, Charles Johanningsmeier, Carole Stone, Kathleen Streater, and Emily Told, come to an understanding that Kate Chopin did not let her society’s guidelines affect what type of women she would become, nor did she permit society to direct the content of her themes. Kate Chopin ignored the boundaries set up by society and let her writing be a way for her to express her desire for women to be free and see life in a new manner.
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