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Technology is a growing field in the United States and always has been. Throughout the years, technology has gone from something as simple as a light bulb to a search engine that can help identify pages from around the world, in multiple languages. Though there are technological revolutions around the world every day, they impact the United States in ways of education, in ways that incorporate into entertainment and leisure, and working conditions. These changes can be for the better or for the worse.
Throughout the history of the United States, education has been emphasized and encouraged by new technologies but has also been given a go-home-free ticket due to advances in recent years. Today, education can be received completely through a computer monitor and the right programs, but the educational system has always treaded the path for such revolutions. The creation of television was one of the first big stimulations when it came to education and expansion of the mind, even before that with the creation of radio. Objects such as calculators would go far in the math world and be further improved upon to encompass the growing needs of the educational system today. Living in a technology ruled world, cellphones and internet have even become a large part of everyday educational and work life. The combination of the two, or any mobile form of internet, has had an impact on the educational system. Another form of technology would be the home movie, in the form of movie reel, VHS, DVD, and so on. Many films are dedicated to educational purposes and come in the form of documentaries, which are, normally, for a factual purpose and expand the educational subjects in which students can see. Even books are now available online or through...

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...ity but has also been brought down by the use of technology. The modern technology has decreased the need for jobs by requiring less human contact with the work.
Throughout the United States history, technology has been a growing art. Technology has changed the United States for the better, as well as the worst. Technology has increased the accessibility of workers and broadened the view of the United States educational system. The technological advances such as television allowed students, and the population in general, to have a larger view of the world and witness events that were a once in a lifetime chance. Home videos involved the use of home devices to watch pre-recorded events and display documentaries or even just a leisurely movie or television show. The work force has suffered some loss but, overall, has given the population a more efficient workforce.
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