Espresso Machine Essay

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If you are thinking about getting your own espresso machine, you need to consider a few factors:

Four different classes of espresso machines:

1. Manual Machines

Manual machines are also referred to as lever espresso machines and know to be the most hands-on machines. If you decide to buy a manual espresso machine, you will need to use a lever to manually press the hot water through the ground coffee, ensuring you use the right timing, force and speed.

There are two sub-classes in manual machines, namely “spring piston lever” machines and “direct lever” machines. Operating a spring lever machine is slightly easier than operating a direct lever machine.

Manual espresso machines are usually attractive appliances and produce a high-quality
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Semi-Automatic Machines

Semi-automatic espresso machines features an automated internal pump, automated temperature controls for the boiler and activation switches, which engages and disengages the pump. You will need to switch the pump on and when the machine brewed the desired amount of coffee, switch the machine off to stop brewing. You will be responsible for grinding the coffee, tamping it into the portafilter (group handle) and cleaning the used puck.

Semi-automatic espresso machines are easier to operate than manual machines. You control the brewing process to a large extend to make high-quality espresso shots. There are affordable models of good quality brands available in the market, however some models can be very expensive. The semi-automatic espresso machine is more difficult to operate, compared to automatic and super automatic espresso machines.

3. Automatic Machines

Automatic espresso machines features a pump, automated temperature controls for the boiler and an automated pre-set water volume, which is selected with the press of a button. Most automatic espresso machines have controls that allows you to use them as a semi-automatic machine. You will still have to grind the coffee, tamping it into the portafilter and cleaning the used puck, when operating an automatic espresso
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