Espionage of World War 2

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As children many of us can remember playing games that consisted of hiding and being secret . My favorite game to play as a kid was hide and go-seek. When i was the one seeking i would try to watch where the hider was going just to make it easier for me to win. there was a chance that my opponent would catch me while i was looking at him while he was hiding, but at this age it wouldn't have mattered if he saw me, he/she would probably just call me a cheater. But what if the seeker had to look for something or someone that he knew existed but didn't know what it looked like, so he never knew what or who he was looking for? How would the seeker find this person or thing that he was searching for? And what if the person they were looking for was right in front of them every time and the seeker had no clue about it. The hider could accomplish a lot more if they were right there with the seeker and the seeker had no idea because the hider would always be one step ahead of them and know their every move. This probably sounds a little weird, but this is the ideology of espionage. Espionage is the systematic use of spies to get military or political secrets. A spies goal was to retrieve and gather information while hiding and concealing their identity in the open. Spies would often take on a role that would put them easily accessible to the information they needed to get. So a spy looking to gather information about the government in the White house wouldn't take on a role at Dunkin Donuts. He would probably take on a role of maybe a Custodian at the white house which would put him right near all the information. During war it was extremely important to keep your ideas and routes and movement and your methods a secret so that your oppone... ... middle of paper ... ...s power working in order to gain information for their government and the germans would look for them and seek them but in the end the United States was a step ahead of them. Acts of espionage assisted in defending the allied powers and to be successful in battles. So i believe and its extremely evident that the war would not have been won by the allies if it wasn't for the help of the allied powers. It all came down to deciphering foreign messages and tracking future military attacks and discovering foreign spies. United States espionage played a major role and was an extremely important aspect in winning the war because it basically was the background of the war sort of like the behind the scenes of the war and without behind the scenes activity their would be no activity going on in the forefront. Espionage was what conducted the troops and the future of the war.

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