Esherichia Coli

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Micro 2924, section 310 July 21, 2010 Escherichia Coli Introduction: Esherichia coli also known as E. coli is a bacterium that lives in your gut. (1). it was founded by Theodore von Esherich in 1888. There are many people that can get the bacteria. Also there are thousands of strands of E.coli. Six E. coli O157 outbreaks were identified during 2007. Four of the outbreaks involved foodborne transmission. (Eshericha Coli). Six Minnesota cases and one Wisconsin case with the same or closely-related PFGE subtype of E. coli O157:H7, and an additional Minnesota case of Shiga-toxin producing E. coli that was not culture-confirmed, attended the Minnesota State Fair in August. All but one of the cases showed cattle or visited the cattle barn.(Esherisha Coli) One outbreak involved contact with animals, and one involved person-to-person transmission (Eshericha Coli). There any many causes, symptoms, and treatments or cures for E. coli. Cause: The cause of E. coli is one of the many strands 0517:H7, which lives in the intestine of healthy humans and animals (Staff Mayo Clinic). It a...
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