Escaping Insanity

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Insanity is the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness. The woman in the short story suffers from post-partum depression, making her insane. According to a CDC survey, 8 to 19% of women reported having symptoms of post-partum depression. “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman expresses how creativity and madness go hand in hand because the protagonist in the short story is insane and her only escape is creativity which is denied by her husband.

In the article, “Why I wrote ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, she explains what she was experiencing during that time and what influenced her to write the story. She says, “For many years I suffered from a severe and continuous nervous breakdown tending to melancholia and beyond” (Gilman 1). While she is sick, her husband, John, buys a house without her consent. John puts his wife in a room by herself because he does not want her having any outside connections and he wants her to reevaluate herself. “This wise man put [her] to bed and applied the rest cure […] and sent [her] home with the solemn advice ...
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